Thales eSecurity Responsive Website

An improved responsive website experience for Thales eSecurity's relaunch.

Lead Product Designer - 3 Month Project - 2016


Thales eSecurity Home Page, Blog Page, and Products Page



Two companies, Thales eSecurity and Vormetric, are the leading providers of cloud and data security solutions. After the recent business merge, they established that a complete re-brand and a whole new website needed to showcase both of their product and solution offerings.


My role and process

I worked as the sole UI/UX designer with a team of one product manager and 3 Thales eSecurity Stakeholders and led the end-to-end research and design process - conducting research, leading meeting discussions, redesigning the information architecture, conducting in-house usability tests, and created the 35 final designs.

User Interviews

My goal was to understand what content and experience both end users were expecting on the new website and it was a necessary starting point in my research. With the product manager, I interviewed 20 people Thales eSecurity users and found:

  • Thales eSecurity users did not know what Thales e-Security actually provides due so much content on the page
  • Website content was hard to focus
  • Users didn’t know were what to do on certain pages in the products and solution categories

    What needed to be done on the new website

    • Trim down and make content easily digestible
    • Focus on improving structure of 'products' and 'solution' sister pages since they are the main drives for their business
    • Refine user flows from page to page in these sections
    • Improve navigation architecture

    Communication process with Thales eSecurity stakeholders

    Research -> Present Findings -> Sketch/Design -> Present Designs -> Iterate off feedback -> Handoff

    • This project consisted of weekly meetings with stakeholders where I had to present and communicate my designs clearly and effectively
    • Due to my limitations on testing, I gave in-house usability tests and walkthroughs of the designs to the stakeholders and iterated off their feedback
    • This process was implemented all the way into the visual design proportion

    Showcase of wire frames - Home, About Us, News Room, Blog

    Showcase of wire frames - Product Landing, Sub-Landing, Detail, and Sub-Detail pages.



    Created a new Thales eSecurity website with an improved user flow, more intuitive browsing, increased web traffic, and make Thales eSecurity a established thought leader in the B2B security space.

    Website was launched end of 2016.


    Thales eSecurity Products and Solutions Pages



    I worked on this project at my time with a digital agency and after design hand off, I was not able to see the success metrics to see how well the launch did - However, the project was overall well received by the client.

    What I learned

    Looking back, here are some of the key things I learned from this project:

    • Creating a website with a wide variety of needs and goals, it's really important to develop an deep understanding of the both user's goals, which included Thales eSecurity website users as well as Thales eSecurity stakeholders. Combining user and business goals was important for the success of this project.
    • Going into a project with limitations, it was important for me to be fluid and adapt to different methods to approach this project. For example, we were not able to conduct a usability test via prototypes on real users so I took initiative and created thorough wireframe presentations and conducted in-house usability testing