Overview: In Fall 2016, McAfee a new website experience to match its new slogan "Together is Power", scheduled to launch in Spring 2017.

Role: Only UX designer that created a more user and business oriented website experience. I also worked with two senior visual designers in helping establish McAfee's new style guide after the visual designs were produced.

Responsibilities: Direct communication with various McAfee stakeholders, competitive analysis, information architecture restructure, and created 9 wireframes that included interaction design features.


McAfee was separating from Intel and needed a new website experience that incorporates updated content and features. Any content regarding Intel had to be taken out.

Additional pain points included:

  • Errors and outdated content in their information architecture and navigation
  • Pages were repeated and links were broken
  • Content hasn't been updated in more than 5 years


Created a new navigation and information architecture structure so that users would be able to get to their end goal pages quicker.

Increased the user interaction of several pages and overall refreshed the experience to match their branding "Together is Power".


1. Competitive analysis on competitor websites

Conducting a competitive analysis of McAfee’s competitors was was essential for me to see the industry standard trends of other top security websites. I was able to see how other companies organized their site map and how they grouped categories in order of their significance. I proceeded by doing a usability test on McAfee's own website and gave myself the task of going from the homepage to a product page and noted the pain points in terms of content, visual hierarchy, and noted the broken links.


2. Breaking down and rebuilding McAfee's IA

During the content audit for McAfee Enterprise, I discovered that a lot of their pages consisted of a mix of current and out-dated products. This created a very serious disconnect for users in terms of user experience and even lead to myself getting frustrated when using the website. I noted several pain points and conducted an in-depth analysis of their site architecture and communicated this disconnect with the content creator and McAfee’s team and we were able to come to a consensus for the new categories.


Blue, green, and red colors were used to note the differences and current errors of their current navigation before presenting to McAfee stakeholders


New information architecture map for McAfee


1. Wireframe and ideation

I was given responsibility to redesign their homepage, respective product pages, respective solution pages, about us, customers, and resource pages. A total of 9 templates were created that would entail easily digestible and interactive content that would resonate with "Together is Power".

The whole wireframing process was an iterative process where I had to communicate with the content creator and various teams from McAfee to figure out what information needed to be presented in what way. Usability tests were conducted with McAfee team members and constructive feedback from various parties was taken into consideration and included into the iterative process.

My validation to proceed to next steps was based off their positive reactions which gave me the approval to move onto the next wireframe. This validation process was utilized in every step of this project.


Final wireframes were handed over to two senior visual designer where they produced the UI designs.

I was tasked to help design out additional UI where help was needed as well as setting the style guide and rules before handing the designs off to McAfee's team.

Key Learnings:

Reflecting back, there were tons of lessons I've learned while working on solving this problem, but I wanted to write down a few learnings from this project. 

  • Having to go through two stages of communication before getting approval from McAfee's stakeholders, it was important to build a relationship between all parties and face disagreements in a calm matter. It was important for me to remember that these stakeholders are the users too.

  • Write everything down. Being a visual learner, doing in-depth UX dives into their information architecture started to get a bit confusing for me. Writing down every single thought process and being able to show this to other people on the project makes the communication flow much easier.

  • When trying to convince someone of your UX suggestion, people react better to visual data. It's important to write everything down and be prepared to back up your suggestions. I was able to bring to light how many outdated content McAfee's current website had and was able to push for a content refresh on McAfee's own product and solutions team.