Snippets of some designs from the 100 Day UI Challenge


100 DAY UI - Landing Page Design

I wanted to redesign the League of Legends eSports landing page. I updated the match schedule interface so users can easily view the matches and figure out who's playing and what was the score.

100 DAY UI - Calculator

I wanted to play with the iPhone X format.

100 DAY UI - Iconography

Flow of conversation that started this idea...

"What icon should I make?"
"An awkward turtle."

100 DAY UI - 404 Error

Oh no! Someone spilled the milk...

100 DAY UI - Social Sharing Animation

I wanted to test a simple animation on Principle with a social sharing button.

100 DAY UI - eCommerce Mobile App Exploration

I love the minimalist pattern a lot of e-commerce websites are having. I tried to utilize only black, grey, and white for the color palette and play with white space.